Skies: Sunrise, Sunset


Skies at Sunrise and Sunset

Skies in New Mexico. Sunrise, sunset. Yes, yes, I know I talk endlessly about the beautiful skies of New Mexico. But they are beautiful, and the variety is never-ending. Sometimes I get to show that to you.

sunrise skies
Another sunrise that was more colorful toward the northeast than to the east itself.

The morning sunrise was another that was more colorful toward the northeast than east over the mountains. I have seen that a couple of times this month. I had rarely seen it (or perhaps, been aware of it) before this winter. It was calm on the ground, although there did seem to be some turbulence at cloud level.

Sunset was also calm on the ground. But, wow! was it ever an in-your-face kind of sunset. The clouds did not appear calm, at least to this observer. I cannot help calling this a “fire in the sky” sunset. The color like this lasted less than two minutes. I feel sorry for anyone here who missed it. You had to be looking for it or very lucky at just the right time.

sunset skies
“Fire in the Sky!”
An in-your-face sunset that lasted for less than two minutes. It was spectacular.
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