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What to do when you finally finish clearing years of accumulated clutter from a room… ? Give the room some beautiful, living flowers, of course. 🙂


Quote for the Day:

It was the end of some sort of career. I don’t know why, exactly. I suppose that flowers, when they’re through blooming, have some sort of awareness of some purpose having been served. Flowers didn’t ask to be flowers and I didn’t ask to be me. At the end of Slaughterhouse-Five…I had a shutting-off feeling…that I had done what I was supposed to do and everything was OK .”
~ Kurt Vonnegut, Conversations with Kurt Vonnegut

Hands Only Cardiac Resuscitation

cardiac resuscitation

Hands Only Cardiac Resuscitation: “Stayin’Alive”

Hands only cardiac resuscitation with chest compression replaced cardiopulmonary resuscitation with artificial respiration along with chest compression as the preferred method for laypersons in 2010. Studies showed a better outcome for patients with an unwitnessed cardiac event outside a medical setting treated with compression only until medical help arrived. Several possible explanations have been offered for this. Notably, people trained in this method are more likely to help, perhaps because the requirement for mouth-to-mouth resuscitation has been dropped.

Earlier this month I showed a kit I carried for use with CPR back in the “old days.” Life can be funny. Unexpected opportunities can pop up in unusual ways when one is open to receiving them. Some of you who read here know that I spend an hour a day, six days a week at the PHS Healthplex. I do this not to live longer, but to live better while I am alive. Just in being there, I was aware that Erin, one of the Exercise Specialists, did cardiac resuscitation testing for some of the EMT’s in town. I gave her a copy of that blog post, just for the sake of history of medicine.

Erin told me that the next week she was teaching the first class for people in the community who belonged to the Healthplex. I was very interested in learning how this worked. So, last week I took this class.

First, thanks to Erin, and to Nick, another Exercise Specialist, who team taught this class. They made it fun, and they made sure every person got individual attention during the hands-on portion o the class.

Images from the Class

Every two people in the class had a MiniAnne on which to practice. I thought MiniAnne was pretty creepy looking, and I was glad mouth-to-mouth was not required in this class. 😉

cardiac resuscitation
cardiac resuscitation
MiniAnne Training Model for Cardiac Resuscitation
cardiac resuscitation
Back Side of MiniAnne Training Model for Cardiac Resuscitation

The model was less creepy when we came to the hands-on training. Each model “clicks” when the compressions are firm enough. It took some practice to get that feel. Erin and Nick came by to make sure everyone in the class “got it.”

cardiac resuscitation
Practicing Cardiac Resuscitation
cardiac resuscitation
Nick Helping Nancy

A gif of Nick helping Nancy:

cardiac resuscitation
Nick Helping Nancy

Nancy’s got it and is practicing:

cardiac resuscitation
Nancy Practicing Cardiac Resuscitation

Just for fun: the rate of compressions is 100 per minute. We were encouraged to let the song “Stayin’Alive” run through our heads. So, here is a reminder of the song. 🙂

You never know when someone might need help. The class was fun. Check around and see if a class is available in your area. You’ll be glad you did.

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