The Photographer’s Model Cat, Spunk

The Photographer’s Model Cat, Spunk

The photographer’s model cat, Spunk, is always good for a smile. I needed a smile today, and I thought you might, too. Going back through photos from last year, I came across this image of Spunk. Many of you who read here know that Spunk is one of Tim and Laurie Price’s cats, with a personality that goes with his name. Periodically he has to work to pay down his running tab for things he destroys. He is not a mean cat; anything but! However, he sometimes gets carried away with play, which is why he has to work periodically. He has to be the best! Here he is, showing off his style.

Spunk, the Photographer's Model Cat
Spunk, the Photographer’s Model Cat

On Southwest Desert Gardening, I have posted some images from Tim and Laurie’s garden that day.

6 Replies to “The Photographer’s Model Cat, Spunk”

    1. Hi, Barbara. I agree. He does have beautiful eyes! I’ve never had a cat with eyes that color, and I’m not sure that I have ever seen another one. Spunk is great fun to photograph, partly for that reason.
      Nice to see you; thanks for stopping by.

  1. Spunk’s eye makeup shows off is eyes and gives him expression. Beautiful photo of Spunk. You would never know what a psycho kitty he is from your photo.

    1. Hi, Tim. Thanks. We have other photos that show psycho kitty. 🙂 )))))))))))) He had been sleeping, and was just waking up here.

  2. That is a beautiful photo of Spunk! Spunk is a short-haired version of our Lucio cat. He gets carried away with play too, and will never be able to work off his debt. The sum is too large! 🙂

    1. Hi, Lavinia. Isn’t it amazing what cat lovers can tolerate without batting an eye, because they give back so much love and affection that couldn’t be bought for any price?
      So nice to see you today!

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