First Crocus !

First Crocus of 2018!

First crocus of spring means true Spring is not far away. A harbinger of Spring…

First Crocus of 2018

Leaf buds are already swelling on the roses. Peach buds are swelling. Weeds are already popping up. 🙂 Longer daylight is also clearly here. The crocus is small and will be short lived. But its bright color announces it presence without question and portends a colorful season ahead.

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    1. Hi, Barbara. I totally agree! That is my favorite day of the year, just as the day we return to Standard time is my least favorite. It won’t be long, now! Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Glad you’re seeing the first signs of spring. The last 10 days, winter is showing it’s not ready to leave yet. First, it was 3-4 inches on Feb 9-10. Last week, another inch or two. Last night, another 3 inches. And, the cold is hanging in there as well. No robins yet, including those who over winter locally.

    My daughters had their phone interviews with both CU med school and UTSA med school. Clearly, CU is the front runner – closer to home and the horse riding. San Antonio is okay with family there, they have that “but” there. During one of the interviews, I think Deborah’s, one on the CU admission panel let slip out all three have been accepted. Okay … 🙂

    1. Hi, David, and CONGRATULATIONS to your family!
      We have actually had snow and cold and wind here as well, after I posted that. But, it can’t last too long (I hope!).
      Again, congratulations to the whole family, and thanks for stopping by.

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