Crab Spiders

Crab Spiders

Crab spiders have been abundant this year. They are quite tiny, but also quite amazing. This year, in my yard, I have been particularly impressed with the variety of colors I have seen. On the rose ‘Foolish Pleasure,’ I saw a pinkish one. On the leaf of datura, I saw one that was white. Elsewhere I have posted an image of a yellow crab spider on the yellow stamens of a cosmos bloom. These spiders are known to change color depending on what flower they are on. That certainly has seemed to be the case in my yard.

Today I saw a crab spider on a sunflower, and was, once again, impressed with the way this little spider seemed to match the flower.

sunflower with crab spider
Sunflower with crab spider

Notice how well the little crab spider blends with the sunflower:

crab spiders
Crab Spider

Another fun morning in the garden today!


4 Replies to “Crab Spiders”

  1. He really does blend in. I like his eyes, he’s showing some personality, Susan.

    1. Hi, Juanita! So nice to see you today.
      Yes, these little spiders are a lot of fun, and they do have personalities. I’m always happy to run across one in the yard.

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