ANMPAS – Annual New Mexico Photographic Art Show, 2014

ANMPAS 2014, the Annual New Mexico Photographic Art Show, will be open to the public this year beginning December 7 and running through December 29. Hours are 10-5 daily. The show will be closed on Tuesdays, as well as December 24 and 25. The opening reception will be on December 6.

This juried photography show, organized by LeRoy Perea, has become a yearly photographic event widely anticipated in the art community for the month of December. It is held in the Fine Arts Building at EXPO NM. There is no charge for admission to the show itself. EXPO NM does charge for parking, however. There is parking directly across the street from the Fine Arts Building, making it quite convenient, even on cold winter days.

All photographs in the show are matted and framed in accordance with this show’s specifications, and all are available for purchase.

My entry in ANMPAS 2014 is “Fibonacci Sequence – Sunflower.”

Fibonacci Sequence – Sunflower

For a quick view of the Fibonacci Sequence and its occurrence in nature, check this link or this link.

Future posts will have more about this fascinating sequence of numbers and its occurrence in nature.

Floral Photography

floral photography lily
Floral Photography: Some Awarded Non-Rose Images

Floral photography has become one of my major photographic interests in the years I have been doing digital photography. Over the next several weeks, I will be introducing images from a new floral series. Before introducing the new floral series, and before the opening of the 2014 Annual New Mexico Photographic Arts Show (ANMPAS) next weekend, I would like to show (once again for some of you, but new to some readers here) some awarded floral images from the past.

This month (November 2014) you have seen a range of my rose photographs from this year. The rose photographs tend to be done differently from the way I do other floral images. For our rose shows, the images need to combine the important aspects used to judge a rose presented in some artistic way. Sometimes combining two such different approaches is about as easy as mixing oil and water. It is what it is. I enjoy the challenge and the opportunity to show roses in their best light as viewed by ARS Accredited Judges.

In this post, you will see floral images done somewhat differently from most of the rose images.

“Lily” is my most awarded floral image to date. It was awarded 1st place – Outstanding Achievement in Still Life in the 8th Annual Spider Black and White Awards.

floral photography lily
Lily, multiply awarded floral photograph

It appeared in the Winners Issue of the Black and White Spider Awards Journal, Volume 3.

This image was also awarded Bronze (Third Place) in the 2012 Prix de la Photographie, Paris (Px3), Paris Photo Competition.

Additionally, the image received Third Place in the People’s Choice Award at the 2012 Prix de la Photographie, Paris (Px3).

The image “Lily” was also shown at the 2012 Corrales Fine Arts Show, a juried exhibition.

Of note, this floral photography image was created with a point-and-shoot digital camera, albeit with some good manual controls and RAW capabilities, the Canon G9, in 2009. My mother grew the lily. I was trying to photograph it one evening in rapidly fading light, and the background was quite cluttered. My mom ran into the house and got a background she used in her floral arrangements, and held it so I could create an uncluttered image. One of my few images with an assistant. 🙂 The point of this paragraph is that it is not the camera, but what you do with it.

Back to Blue is a series of floral images I created late summer and early fall of 2013, and called “The Blues.” Done in shades of blue, the reference was as much to emotion and mood as to color.

Two images from that series of floral photography have been recognized.

back to blue
Starting Over – Bud of Sacred Datura

“The Blues: Starting Over” was selected by Juror Stephen Perloff as Third Place Winner in the New York Center for Photographic Art “Primary Colors” competition.

This image was exhibited in New York City from May 6 – 17, 2014. I was pleased to have this image shown in New York City. Many thanks to the New York Center for Photographic Art and to Stephen Perloff!

Another image from the series, “The Blues,” Ephemeral, was chosen as a Nominee in the 7th Annual Photography Masters Cup:

back to blue
Ephemeral – Fully open datura flower

This is a fully open datura flower. These open at sunset, and began to fade at the first light of morning. The plants themselves are quite hardy, but the flowers truly are fleeting – and very beautiful.

These were my two favorite images from the series, and having them recognized in two very different venues brings me a great deal of pleasure. I am happy for the opportunity to share them again, although my current work seems to be dominated by bright colors and bold designs.

In the 2013 Px3 competition, my series “Flowers of Early Spring” was awarded Second Place in the People’s Choice Awards in Nature-Seasons.

floral photography
Flowers of Early Spring – Iris
Floral photography
Flowers of Early Spring – Redbud
floral photography
Flowers of Early Spring
floral photography
Flowers of Early Spring – Apple Blossoms
Floral Photography
Flowers of Early Spring – Pansy

Floral photography – always a challenge, and often quite rewarding.

‘Cinnamon Delight’

Cinnamon Delight
‘Cinnamon Delight,’ a miniature rose with unusual russet color

This miniature rose was hybridized by Ernest D Williams and introduced in 1993. Its official color is Russet. More information about this rose can be found at Help Me Find.

Russet roses generally contain genes of mauve and yellow roses, and as the blooms age, they will often fade to one of these. This rose is not grown by too many people at present (I cannot explain why), but I had a request from another person who does grow this rose to post images I made this year, to compare color in different climates. This post is in response to that request.

I would also like to take this opportunity, with such an appropriately named rose, to wish my readers a very Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends! With lots of cinnamon…,and chocolate! 🙂 And, for those who are traveling, safe travels.

Cinnamon Delight
Horticulture Image 1
Cinnamon Delight
Horticulture Image 2

It is a fun rose to play with editing. The following images have been what we call “creatively edited,” and should not be taken to be representative of the color of the bloom growing on the bush. The form, however, has not been altered in this series.

Continue reading “‘Cinnamon Delight’”

My Shelter Cat, Paco

My Shelter Cat, Paco, on His 13th Birthday

Happy Birthday, Paco!

Paco turns 13 today. Like so many other things in life, those 13 years have certainly flown by. He has been, and is, a great little companion (even if he does get me out of bed every morning at 3:00 am to feed him!)

My tuxedo cat, Paco
Paco looking out the window
shelter Cat Paco
Paco Watching a Bird on a Rainy Day
Paco Enjoying Part of an Apple
shelter Cat Paco
Paco Enjoying his Heated Bed

Paco was a shelter cat, born to a feral mom shortly after she was captured by animal rescue.

I’ve had cats live to be 13, but, so far, none have made it to 14. Here’s hoping Paco will be the first! Happy Birthday, Paco!

Quarai 2014

Quarai 2014

Quarai in Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument was one of the places my mom and friends Tim and Laurie found ourselves on our birthday celebration photo excursion, subsequently named “The Road Less Traveled.” In the prior post, I showed images from 1991. On this October day in 2014, differences are apparent.

Quarai Mission Ruin, Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument

The “landscaping” is more manicured and not as much in the natural state seen in 1991. My personal preference is for the more natural state, although I do understand that greater access for more people may have necessitated some changes. You will also note the walk ways are different.

Inside Quarai Mission ruin, on an intermittently cloudy day

The light, which was beautiful in typical New Mexico fashion on that Autumnal Equinox day in 1991 was a little more dramatic on this October 2014 day. Within the church ruin itself, I could not have hoped for more dramatic lighting. Although it lasted only briefly – as these things do – it was enough for an image I will never forget.

Photography comes literally from the word for “light” and “write.” Photography = “writing with light.” Photographers are aware of this in any image that they create; sometimes it is just more apparent to viewers than at other times. One viewer referred to this particular image as “painting with light.” I am more than happy to take that not only as a compliment but as a statement that the light so briefly available that day spoke for itself.

Quarai in Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument in New Mexico – just one more reason to try “The Road Less Traveled.”

Quarai 1991

Quarai 1991

Quarai 1991 on the Autumnal Equinox, for the wedding of friends.

Quarai 1991 on the Autumnal Equinox, for the wedding of friends

Guests are arriving for the wedding. The tipi on the right was the bridal party’s “preparation room,” and had been transported from Albuquerque.

The inside of the Quarai Mission ruin being set up for the wedding

As you can see, it was a very beautiful day, even by New Mexico standards. These images are simply scanned 4x6s from film, developed at a “One Hour” kiosk (that was how we saw images in a hurry back in the film days 🙂 ). I have searched for the negatives, without success.

I am showing these images of Quarai from more than 20 years ago, because Quarai was one of the stops on our “Road Less Traveled” excursion this past October. Images from the 2014 visit will appear in the immediately next post.

Quarai is one of three Spanish mission ruins in the Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument; Quarai, Abo, and Gran Quivira, built in the early 17th Century and abandoned by 1670. It became a National Monument in 1909, initially as Gran Quivira National Monument. The name was changed to Salinas Pueblo National Monument in 1988.

While the stone ruin itself may not appear much changed when the 1991 and 2014 images are compared, Park Service “landscaping” as well as just the ever-changing light of New Mexico will be seen to combine to make the images appear much different to the viewers. Please watch for the subsequent post and images from the 2014 “Road Less Traveled” visit to Quarai.

The Road Less Traveled

road less traveled
The Road Less Traveled – Off the Beaten Path in New Mexico

The Road Less Traveled

“New Mexico, Land of Enchantment.” So true. It is true even if you are in a city such as Albuquerque, or off the beaten path. If you must travel Interstate 40 or Interstate 25, you will see beauty all around: the desert, the mountains, the river valleys, the sky, the clouds… Beauty is everywhere in this state.

But, the road less traveled, whatever that is for any individual, perhaps offers the greatest chance to enjoy the beauty, to be “enchanted.”

road less traveled
Autumn Beauty in New Mexico on the Road Less Traveled

On this particular day in October, my mom, along with our friends Tim and Laurie, were celebrating together Tim’s birthday and my birthday. We do “photographic excursions” periodically, and on this day the only thing we particularly set out to do was see if many sandhill cranes had yet arrived in Rio Grande Valley south of Albuquerque on their annual migration route. We wanted to check at one place in particular, but, other than that, the day was free to go wherever we felt like going. We took Interstate 25 south out of Albuquerque, but soon found ourselves more content on the road less traveled.

I missed a turn right after exiting the interstate, and we found ourselves crossing the Rio Grande and going on a bit. When I turned around to head back to the “other” road less traveled, this was the landscape that greeted us. Tim photographed, Laurie sketched, I photographed, and my mom enjoyed the scenery.

This wonderful landscape with the golden cottonwoods in the Rio Grande Valley, the mountains, the sky, the clouds, and a glimpse of the road less traveled was an auspicious beginning to a day filled with enchantment! Watch for more images from that day on this blog.

Cover Images

front cover image
Cover Images for the 2014 American Rose Society’s American Rose Annual

Cover images for the Rose Annual are an honor for anyone asked to provide them. This annual publication of the American Rose Society is based around a theme chosen by the guest editor, who invites a variety of people to contribute. This year’s guest Editor was Elena Williams, and she oversaw the production of a beautiful and very useful American Rose Annual. I was very honored by her invitation to provide photographs for the front and back covers of the 2014 American Rose Annual, with a theme of “Roses Across the USA – People, Places, Art, and Science.” Thank you, Elena!

One of my all-time favorite roses is the Old Garden Rose, the Hybrid bracteata ‘Mermaid’ with a date of introduction of 1918. I planted it in honor of my father, who was born in 1918. I have gotten Best of Show with it twice, and multiple Victorian Award Certificates. It is an eight-hour wonder, but when it is on, it is truly spectacular. When Elena asked me about the covers, I hoped I could provide an image of ‘Mermaid’ that would be acceptable for the front cover. This image of ‘Mermaid’ did become the front cover image:

front cover images
Old Garden Rose
Hybrid bracteata 1918

I did not have a strong feeling about the back cover image until I began processing the images from my trip to San Diego for the 2014 Spring National. Sally Long had invited me to give some presentations in Rose Photography, and after the show she showed me all around the San Diego area. Marvelous hostess…

Given the theme of “Roses across the USA,” the red, white and blue of this American landscape, complete with American flag, seemed to beg to be the back cover image. Elena agreed, and this image became the one published:

back cover images
Roses in a Red, White, and Blue American Landscape

Thanks again to Elena Williams and the staff of the American Rose Society for an outstanding publication.


roses dream weaver
Photographs of Roses from the 2014 American Rose Society Fall National Convention and Show

Roses are, of course, the focal point of any rose show, whether at the local, district, or national level. In the beginning, rose shows consisted only of horticultural displays. Later, rose arrangements were added to many shows. In the past several years, rose photography has become an important part of many rose shows. It adds another dimension to the enjoyment of roses.

The American Rose Society has had a long-standing annual photography competition for its magazine, American Rose. In recent years, photography competitions have been held in conjunction with ARS National Conventions and Shows, but not directly tied to ARS. For the 2014 Fall National Convention and Show, ARS Photography Chairman Curtis Aumiller organized a print competition, with submitted entries to be displayed in Klima Hall at ARS Headquarters in Shreveport through the holidays.

In the Spring of 2014, at the ARS Spring National in San Diego, Curtis had suggested that top winners in Photography be given the titles of the top winners in Horticulture. In roses, the top award, the equivalent of “Best in Show,” is Queen. Second place is awarded King, and third place is awarded Princess. These awards are on top of Best in Class awards.

I was very happy to have a photograph of the Climbing Floribunda ‘Dream Weaver’ awarded Queen and another of ‘Gemini’ awarded King at the 2014 ARS Fall National.

Dream Weaver

roses dream weaver
Queen of Show, 2014 ARS Fall National
Photographer grown


Gemini, from The Postcard Series
King of Show
Best of Rose Art

I donated my matted and mounted entries to the American Rose Society to be sold in the Gift Shop at ARS Headquarters in Shreveport after the show is over.

Rose Photography

Rose Photography Winners from the 2014 Albuquerque Rose Show

Rose photography winners from the 2014 Albuquerque Rose Show are available in a calendar for 2015 from the Albuquerque Rose Society. I am pleased to have had five images selected as winners in the 2014 show and included in the 2015 calendar.

rose photography Gemini
Gemini, from The Postcard Series
Best of Show, Best of Rose Art
rose photography Leonidas
Best of Black and White (Challenge Class)
Silver Medal Award for Photographer Grown Rose
rose photography Distant Drums
Distant Drums
Winner Best of Theme (The Artistic Rose) and Bronze Medal Award for Photographer Grown Rose
rose photography Gemini
Best of Class and Best of Section, The Rose
Gold Medal Award for Photographer Grown Rose
rose photography Dream Weaver
Dream Weaver
Best of Class, Rose Sprays

Beginning in 2008, I began to work on some standardization for judging of photographs in rose shows in the Pacific Southwest District of the American Rose Society. In 2009, I was appointed the first Chairman for Photography in the PSWD, and held that post for the next three years. As an ARS Accredited Rose Horticulture and Rose Arrangement Judge, I wanted to work to develop guidelines for a third division in our rose shows, Photography. I appointed the working committee, with that goal in mind.
I have been very happy to see Photography added to many rose shows, and also to see many of those use the guidelines and score card developed under my Chairmanship. You may read a history of my work as Chairman of the PSWD Photography Committee at this link.

I did enjoy entering images in the 2014 Albuquerque Rose Show, however. I was happy to donate these images to the Albuquerque Rose Society for their 2015 Calendar, one of their projects for raising money for the Society.

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