Through Her Eyes

‘Through Her Eyes’ Photography Exhibit – 2015 Insight New Mexico

‘Through Her Eyes’ is the theme of the 2015 Insight New Mexico Photography Show. All of the exhibitors are women photographers who live in New Mexico. The theme is perfect for this particular show.

The timing worked out especially well for me. My two images in this show, “The Observer/The Observed” and “The Postcard Series – Amaryllis” were created by me for me, after I returned from Texas to be with my son when he was in the hospital. They reflect my thoughts in January, at a time when I was lost in my own thoughts. They are the images not only through the eyes of a woman of New Mexico, but also of a mother. I did not intend to show them anywhere. They were personal, especially “The Observer/The Observed,” which was heavily edited and reflected my mood at the time.

But, after friend, fellow anthropologist, and writer Jim Stallings wrote a short poem, “Spontaneous Poem from a Treetop Crow” as a gift to me and my family, I began to consider showing the image.

The deadline for entry into Insight New Mexico 2015 was rapidly approaching and I thought, well, why not. I am very happy to have both images in this show, and honored that the jurors chose them. This is always a fun show (the brainchild of LeRoy Perea, which happens because of the hard work of his Insight committee members!), but this year’s show, “Through Her Eyes,” has special meaning to me.

I hope to see many of you from the Albuquerque area there.

through her eyes
“The Postcard Series – Amaryllis.” Brightly colored amaryllis in the middle of winter
through her eyes
“The Observer, The Observed.” The Watchful, Observant Crow on a Cold Winter Afternoon

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