Darth Vader Jumping Spider

Darth Vader Jumping Spider

Jumping spider as Darth Vader? Well, that thought certainly crossed my mind when I saw this little spider jumping from leaf to leaf, branch to branch, on a rose bush.

jumping spider
Darth Vader Jumping Spider?

This was the funniest little spider I have seen in my yard in a long time. He first tried to stare me down, which is how I got this particular image. The scientific name for this spider is Phidippus audax, which means “daring” or “bold.” This one certainly was!!!

When I didn’t leave, it scurried under leaves, over leaves, jumped everywhere, looking around periodically to see if I were still there.

This spider could also be dressed for Halloween – black and orange! This was a particularly wonderful creature to run across unexpectedly in the yard!

jumping spider
“OK, I’m Leaving, Lady!”
Jumping Spider
Nice Backside!

While these are common in the United States and in New Mexico, this is the most colorful one I have seen in my yard. It was an unexpected pleasure, along with being a little humorous. Keep an eye out for something similar when you are out in your yard.

4 Replies to “Darth Vader Jumping Spider”

    1. Hi, Tim. Thanks! I had to laugh when I uploaded the images. Actually, I was laughing even as was photographing this little guy. He was unquestionably the best jumping spider I have seen in my yard. 🙂

    1. Hi, Aprille! Thank you for taking the time to look, and to comment. I agree that they are fun. I haven’t seen too many this year, and I was so delighted to see this one because it had such attitude (well, they all do, but this one especially 🙂 ))))))) )
      Again, thanks for dropping by!

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