Beginning of a Spectacular Week for Sky Watching

Beginning of a Spectacular Week for Sky Watching

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Sunrise at the Beginning of a Spectacular Week for Sky Watching

Beginning of a spectacular week for sky watching: sunrise today was one of the most brilliant I have seen in a few weeks. It was an appropriate beginning for this week.

January 31 a Super Moon Blood Red Eclipse occurs. This is a useful link for information about timing of the eclipse. This is set for Albuquerque, but can be adjusted for your spot for viewing.

I photographed the September 2015 Blood Red Lunar Eclipse. The link to that post is here.

This past week, the Super Moon has been rising in the afternoon. Even in a bright sky, this moon stands out as different from the usual. It is large, and bright even in the afternoon.

Sunrise this morning was simply a spectacular beginning to a spectacular week ahead for celestial events. Happy watching!

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  1. I didn’t get that view of the sunrise at all. I looked out and it was yellow, but I never saw it blazing from where I am. It’s so interesting the differences in sunrise, sunset perspectives between the valley and the higher areas on either side of the valley. I guess I’ll get up at 3:00 am on Wednesday morning and drive out to the hills in Rio Rancho and photograph the end of the world yet again. This is a biggy with a super blue blood moon.

    1. Hi, Tim. I look back to September 2015, when I sat out on my patio eating strawberries, drinking tea, and photographing the blood red lunar eclipse. I think somewhere in my mind I thought all would be that easy πŸ™‚ ))))))))) I won’t be able to see this one from my house, and I have not yet decided whether I’m going out or not. It might depend how cold it is predicted to be. I haven’t yet checked to see if it might be visible from my mother’s house. You are correct, though – this is a major one!!! (I’ll look forward to your pics, whether or not I decide to stay in bed. πŸ˜‰ )

  2. What a fantastic sunrise! I am not up that early so I thank you for images, reminding me of why I should be up! And thank you for the link that gives the times. I was a bit confused by other information. Now I’m not! I have to figure out where to have a look also. I will just be viewing, not photographing, so the cold won’t be too much of an issue for me. Hope you do get out!

  3. Hi, Laurie! So nice to see you again. This eclipse will take place to the northwest. If I don’t want to make a huge effort to photograph it, I could catch some small part of it from where I live if I got up early enough. I ask myself, if I don’t get up to photograph it, have I lost the passion??? I don’t know…I hate cold. πŸ˜‰ Hopefully, both of us will see a part of it, and then I’ll post a link to Tim’s blog when he puts his pics up.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I’ll be preoccupied with something else … it’s called changing the kitty litter which happens early, every Wednesday morning. The sky maybe a little tricky with partly to mostly cloudy conditions, however, in advance of a weak cold front moving through the area.

    1. Hi, David! I’ve been there, done that. πŸ™‚ I’m currently cat-less, though. I haven’t quite made up my mind yet. But Tim will have great pics we can enjoy. Thanks for stopping by!

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