Days of Wind and Roses

Days of Wind and Roses

Days of wind and roses certainly characterize Albuquerque in Spring. That seems to have been especially true for the wind this year. The wind has blown ferociously! Yesterday morning I was surprised to see not that a few roses were blooming, but that the blooms appeared fresh.

This little beauty is the miniature rose, “Ruby Baby,” a sport of the classic miniature, “Hot Tamale.” My “Hot Tamale” died some years ago, but “Ruby Baby” has hung on surprisingly well.

roses "Ruby Baby
Miniature Rose “Ruby Baby”

Wishing everyone a “grounded” weekend.

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  1. Lady Banks is our first bloomer again this year. The winds have been fierce and ripped up our canopy. We have lots of Wisteria that have managed to survive the light frosts earlier in the week.

    1. Hi, Tim. The Lady Banks have been blooming up in the Heights, too. I enjoy seeing them.
      Oh, noooooooo, for the canopy!!!! The canopy is such an enjoyable part of your outdoor life (which is a huge part of your life!). I’m really sorry about that.
      Maybe Dr. Huey will be out before too long! 🙂

      1. I ordered another canopy cover, which should be here next week. Even though the manufacturer says the covers will last 10 years, they only last a year or so at this altitude in our intense sun. I put a new canopy cover under an old cover in June 2016. The old cover ripped in the wind in 2017, and it only took a year for the new cover to get sun rot and ripped by the wind once exposed to full sun over the course of a year from spring 2017 to this week. Fortunately, the canopy covers are reasonably priced.

        1. I remember when you got the last new cover. I remember when you got the first one. You and Laurie certainly make good use of them.

  2. What a beautiful red rose! Spring has been prolonged, cool and wet up here. Our roses are still at early leaf stage. We probably won’t see blooms before late May or early June.

    1. Hi, Lavinia. Thank you! While, except for the wind, the winter as well as the spring have been nice this year, soon we will be wishing we had had more prolonged cool and a lot more moisture. I really worry about what the summer will bring, it is already so dry here. We’ll enjoy your roses when they do bloom, because roses will be scorched here soon. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

    1. Hi, Barbara! Nice to see you. I really appreciate your dropping by while you were on a magnificent journey! Thank you!

  3. Beautiful red rose; very vivid.

    We’ve had our share of wind, somevery strong winds too. Hopefully we’ll have some rain or snow before the late spring warm-up. The drought monitor, though, doesn’t look encouraging.

    1. Hi, David. Yes, I’m not too hopeful for much moisture here, either. Wouldn’t it be nice if we both were pleasantly surprised? Thanks for dropping by, and for the comment! 🙂

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