New Mexico Roses: A Change Is Gonna Come

New Mexico Roses: A Change Is Gonna Come

New Mexico Roses: a change is definitely coming to the High Southwest Desert this weekend. The first cold front of the season is arriving in New Mexico, with unseasonably low temperatures and snow in some areas. This is a little early. The cold will not last long. But if the temperatures drop low enough, most of the roses will be close to the end for 2018. In this time of change, I offer a look back at some of the roses growing in New Mexico gardens, some mine and some of friends. All of these were photographed out of doors, as growing, in natural light. I groomed some of those in my garden. I did not groom roses growing elsewhere. You would not find those entered in a rose show. “It’s not what you look at, it’s what you see.” I saw beauty in all of these.

From My Garden

New Mexico roses
David Clemons’ Miniflora Foolish Pleasure. One of David’s Earlier Creations, It Does Extremely Well in the High Desert.
New Mexico roses
Gemini Macro. Note the Unfolding Spiral
New Mexico roses
Route 66, a Shrub Rose. The White Eye and Colorful Stamens Are Striking.
New Mexico roses
Spray of the Shrub Rose, Route 66
New Mexico roses
Othello, a David Austin Shrub Rose
New Mexico roses
Another Incognito Image That Does Not Fit Rose Show Guidelines, But Which I Use for Cards
New Mexico roses
Incognito. I Could Not Enter This in a Rose Show Because of the Bud Form and “Detracting” Rain Drops. The Word Most Often Used by Non-Rosarians Is “Sensual”
New Mexico roses
Mermaid Macro
New Mexico roses
Mermaid, Hanging Down a Wall
New Mexico roses
New Mexico roses
Photographed in the Garden, but Edited Later. I Also Use This for Cards.
New Mexico roses
Chihuly. Photographed in the Garden, but Edited Later to Highlight the Relevance of the Name

From the Garden of Friends

New Mexico roses
I Loved the Stamens on this Single Rose
New Mexico roses
R foetida bicolor: “Don’t play what’s there, play what’s not there” ~ Miles Davis
New Mexico roses
A David Austin rose in friends’ garden

Change is on its way. I hope you have enjoyed a stroll through some New Mexico gardens with their roses. I have certainly enjoyed sharing them with you.

14 Replies to “New Mexico Roses: A Change Is Gonna Come”

  1. Beautiful roses. We’ve had some really nice roses, but some our roses are already showing cold damage.

    1. You and Laurie really did have some spectacular roses this year. It would be great if next spring is as good for roses here as last spring. That’s the beauty of photography, though – memories, at least, of springs like 2018.

    1. Pearl, thank you so much for seeing the beauty! And, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. Your support has always meant so much to me.

  2. Thank you for sharing these beautiful rose photos with us Susan. They show off their beautiful colors, forms and stamens. What a beautiful memory of summer!

    1. Hi, Mel. Thank you! The summer here was pleasant for the most part. A couple of weeks were hot, that’s all. I got a lot of rain in my yard, which made me happy.
      I hope all is well with you.
      Thanks for dropping by; so nice to see you here. 🙂

      1. Hi Susan, things are fair to middling with me, but I’m happy to say I’m enjoying my garden more and more. Summer is coming up now for us, and this year might even be a wet one! Good to know you’ve gotten some good rain too. 🙂

    1. Hi, Trey! I just now saw this-sorry.
      Thanks – some friends and I were walking around their property, turned a corner, and here was that rose in perfect light!
      Again, sorry I missed this earlier!

  3. Your photos are always spectacular, Susan, but the r. foetida bicolor is “outta the park”!

    1. Carol, you are kind; thank you! That comes from a day with friends that was very special. I’m very happy that you enjoy that particular image!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Beautiful roses!

    We’ve already had our first freeze/frost. We haven’t that 70-degree day to start Indian Summer yet.

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