Birds of New Mexico

Birds of New Mexico

Sandhill Cranes

Sandhill Cranes birds of new mexico
Sandhill Cranes, Rio Grande Valley of New Mexico

Sandhill Cranes Birds of New Mexico
Sandhill Cranes in the Rio Grande Valley of New Mexico

Sandhill cranes are common birds of New Mexico between late October and early February. The Bosque del Apache wildlife area is perhaps the best known of the areas to find them in their winter home, but in reality they can be found all along the Rio Grande in New Mexico, from north of Albuquerque continuing south past the Bosque del Apache.

In flight these are elegant, graceful birds. Maybe not quite so much on land 🙂 Sandhill cranes are loved in New Mexico!

Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle birds of new mexico
Golden Eagle, Rio Grande Valley of New Mexico

The Golden Eagle is another bird of New Mexico, although not found in such great numbers as the sandhill crane is found in winter. This photograph is from the same place in the Rio Grande Valley where many of the crane images on this blog were made.

Eagles are magnificent, imposing birds of New Mexico!

The Rio Grande is a wonderful waterway along which to observe – and photograph – a variety of birds common to New Mexico!

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    1. Thanks, Tim. The first cranes are from our excursion on October 26. The three cranes and the golden eagle are from the same spot, but January 1, 2014. I’ve got to find time to get down there again, soon. 🙂

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