Old Cars and Sunflowers

Old Cars and Sunflowers – Icons of New Mexico

Old cars and sunflowers are each, in their own right, icons of the New Mexico landscape. Imagine my joy as a photographer when I found the two together!

old cars and sunflowers
New Mexico Icons: Old Cars and Sunflowers

Those of you who have followed this blog for some time are aware of my interest in old adobes and every now and then, in old wooden buildings. I don’t have a series of old cars (yet 🙂 ), but more sunflowers are definitely on their way.

I could not resist this image of an old car surrounded by sunflowers!

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  1. I guess it’s a good thing I hadn’t gotten around to weeding around the old cars.

    1. Hi, Tim. I’m glad the sunflowers were there, exactly the way they were!!!! I very much appreciated the naturalized appearance everywhere, even among the cars!! Your place is so full of amazing photo ops! Again, thanks to you and Laurie for a truly wonderful day.

        1. HI, Tim. Noooo…I had to look that up (I was raising a small child and working on my PhD in 1974 or thereabouts).
          Thank You for that (along, of course, with the photo op)! I’ve been trying to think of a title for this image, and I think you just helped me out with that also. 🙂

          1. Thanks for the link! And, especially thanks for the info about the bullet holes. I never noticed that! I knew I liked the car (over a period of years!) and seeing all the sunflowers this time was especially appealing. But all this info makes me appreciate it even more!
            (I’m also happy to note that somehow my blog now has “likes” for comments. That had been on your prior blog for some time.)
            Anyway, thank you for all this information!
            eta: well, it said I could “like” it, but it seems to have misrepresented the truth. 😉

          2. Looking at the brochure reminded me it’s the “Super Beetle” model. So you have a photo of a Sun Bug Super Beetle surrounded by Sunflowers 🙂 I showed one of our architects the brochure and told him we had one of those Sun Bugs. It bugged him — he doesn’t like beetles!

          3. Oh, thank you for that update.Until now, that had not been one of my favorite years, but I think I’ll have to reconsider!
            eta: I found a bullet hole in another image! Next time I’ll make more of an effort to make those visible!!!!

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