Spring Color

Spring Color

Spring color is everywhere in Albuquerque. Everything looks so fresh. The roses are a couple of weeks ahead of schedule. Because the weather is not hot yet, the roses haven’t become crispy critters, as they sometimes do. Everything around town seems colorful and clean. Of course, nothing beats a sunrise here! A riot of floral color makes things that much better!

spring color
Miniature Rose ‘Cinnamon Delight’
spring color
Riot of Color with Spring Flowers
spring color
Brilliant Southwestern Sunrise

8 Replies to “Spring Color”

  1. Beautiful. I got that colorful sunrise yesterday, but the blog went to the birds. Starting to see a few Dr. Hueys starting to bloom in Corrales.

    1. The bird post was incredible! We get sunrises and sunsets pretty regularly, but birds like that? Once in a lifetime, if lucky!!! Do you remember when an out-of-place bird showed up at BdA several years ago and what a big deal was made of it? More people need to see your post and the images! I say that very seriously.
      I was wondering if the Dr. Hueys would be early this year. I guess I better look for some blueberries. 🙂

      1. We have a lot of roses blooming that we don’t usually see this early. We probably need to plan a DH tour in the next couple of weeks.

        1. Hi, Tim. Yeah, my yard is going to be completely bloomed out in about a week. I’ve never seen it like this. But it certainly has been pretty all over town. This seems to be a great year for roses in the Greater Albuquerque area. 🙂 I take your point about DH!

    1. Hi, Pearl. So nice to see you! You cheered me up! Thank you for stopping by today! 🙂

  2. That’s a spectacular fire in they sky. The riot of color in your garden and the mini-rose are gorgeous. Many are having the temptation to plant, but would be best served by waiting about 10 days. May 15th is the average last day of frost. We’re not tempted to plant anything just yet. We had heavy frost two nights ago after a day of rain mixed with snow here. However, it’s been a good spring for fruit and flowering trees.

    1. Hi, David. Our last average last day of frost is (has been?) April 15. I didn’t fertilize until then. Right at about that time some of my self-seeding annuals started coming up, so I did put out some new seeds for the year in other places. I still haven’t put out the sunflower seeds – they go where the pansies are, and it has been cool enough in the days that the pansies are still going. When the heat gets to them, I’ll plant the sunflowers. Thanks for stopping by!

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